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Offer of Bank Account Opening with
AKB Privatbank Zurich (Switzerland)

AKB Privatbank Zurich, Bleicherveg 18, 8002, Switzerland

General Description

An individual service bank, this is a 100% subsidiary bank of the State Canton Bank of the canton of Aargau. AKB Privatbank Zurich AG is a representative of the Swiss and Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of the Principality of Liechtenstein in Switzerland. The main holding bank is Argauische Kantonalbank / Canton bank of the canton of Aargau, which is the largest and most integrated of the network of canton banks. It is a State canton (regional) bank and was founded in 1855.

AKB Privatbank Zuerich AG renders financial services to private and corporate clients as well as to non-residents, paying special attention to medium- and big-sized business servicing.

One of the priority lines in the individual bank servicing - Private Banking - is management of capital investments together with the reliable and long term holding of the client's funds when bank secrecy is the main requirement.

Credit Ratings
АА+ Standart & Poors
Methods of Account Management
Internet-Banking (for a review), telephone, fax, and electronic messages
Types of Accounts
Saving and investment: personal and corporate
Currencies of Account
Minimum Average Monthly Balance and Other Bank Requirements for its Clients
EUR 100 000


Outgoing payments:

- fax: no more than 10 transactions a year - CHF 40;

- Internet-banking: free of charge;

Incoming payments - free of charge.

Language of Communication
The main European languages, including the Russian language
Plastic Cards
Master Card, Visa Card, and Travel Cash
Investment Programs
Management of monetary deposits (fixed deposits) and custody activity relating to securities management

Brief Description of Account Opening Procedure

Filling in the forms necessary to open an account and the signing of such forms, together with all other formalities required to open an account, shall be carried out in our company office with the support of our specialists.

The following information and documents are necessary to open an account:

- original constituent documents of the company (when opening a corporate account);

- originals of documents of identification confirming the account holder's residential address;

- client's business description (in free format);

- it is obligatory to provide details of the address at which business is actually conducted;

- CV of the company beneficiary (for corporate clients) in free format.

Period of Account Opening (approximately)
3 - 4 weeks from the date of the bank's receipt of all the stated documents and information
Fees for account opening assistance USD 950