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Offer of Bank Account Opening with
Coutts & Co (UK)



Great Britain


440 Strand London WC2R 0QS

General Description

The bank was founded in 1692. There are over 25 bank branches in Great Britain, and the bank also has branches in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, in the Middle East, and in offshore areas. Coutts & Co bank is included in one of the biggest world banking groups - the RBS Group.

Credit Ratings

S&P: A+/A-1; Fitch: AA-/F1+

Methods of Account Management

Internet-bank and fax (using a code word)

Types of Accounts

Investment and saving, and settlement

Currencies of Account


Minimum Average Monthly Balance and Other Bank Requirements for its Clients

GBP 750 000

It is not obligatory to keep this amount in the bank, but the client must have such funds and the bank needs confirmation of the availability of the necessary funds.


Settlement account servicing: GBP 45 (per a quarter);

Cost for using the Internet-bank: from GBP 15 (depending on the number of accounts);

Outgoing transfer of funds in the bank: free of charge;

Urgent transfer: GBP 3;

Outgoing payment (on the next day): GBP 25.

Language of Communication

English and Russian

Plastic Cards

MasterCard and Visa

Investment Programs

The bank is ready to offer a wide range of investment programs, including:

- portfolio management;

- listing and original shares placement;

- dual currency deposit etc.

Brief Description of Account Opening Procedure

A meeting with the bank's representative, who visits Moscow once a month, is necessary to open an account.

Filling in the forms necessary to open an account and the signing of such forms, together with all other formalities required to open an account, shall be carried out in our company office with the support of our specialists and the bank's representative.

A client can also visit the country of the bank's office seat at his discretion.

The following information and documents are necessary to open an account:

- original constituent documents of the company (when opening a corporate account);

- originals and copies of documents of identification confirming the account holder's residential address;

- client's business description (in free format);

- CV of the company beneficiary (for corporate clients) in free format.

Period of Account Opening (approximately)
3 weeks from the date of the bank's receipt of all the stated documents and information
Fees for account opening assistance USD 1100