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Account Opening Proposal for
Rietumu Banka (Latvia)1





Vesetas 7, Riga, LV-1013, Latvia

General description

Rietumu Banka was founded in 1992. The bank is one of the first private banks in Latvia. It has representative offices in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, France, and Romania. The shareholders of the bank are private individuals.

Credit ratings

Popular world agencies did not assign any ratings to this bank.

Account management methods

Internet bank (in Russian/English), fax

Types of accounts

Current, investment savings

Currencies of account


Accounts are multi-currency.

Minimum monthly balance and other bank's requirements to its clients

There is no minimum balance required.

The bank reserves the right to require any documents (contracts, agreements, payment invoices, statements of source of client's funds etc.) both prior to the account opening and upon the execution of payments on the account.


Account opening: EUR 250

Account closing: EUR 100

Account maintenance: EUR 20 per month (EUR 50 in case of account with low activity)

Incoming payments: free of charge

Outgoing payments: (depends on the currency, destination country and payer)

- in rubles: EUR 10 - EUR 20;

- in USD: EUR 60 - EUR 85 (for offshore companies EUR 120 - EUR 170);

- in EUR: EUR 20 - EUR 60

Enabling and maintenance of Internet bank service: free of charge

Provision of Digipass: EUR 50

Correspondence custody: not available

Working language

Russian, English


Visa, MasterCard

Investment programs

Bank offers various investment programs.

Short description of account opening procedure

Filling in and signature of the forms required for bank account opening, and all other actions necessary for account opening take place in the bank's representative office (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kyiv) with the assistance of our specialist of Banking Services Department. The presence of the beneficiary and the account signatory is obligatory.

Documents and information necessary to open the account:

- originals of corporate documents and seal of the company;

- client's business description (detailed with specification of business partners);

- provision of information about the resident company and the address of actual conduct of business is obligatory;

- originals of documents certifying the identity and residence address of the beneficiary and the account signatory.

Terms of account activation (approximate)

10 business days from the date of receipt by the bank of all specified documents and information

Fees for account opening assistanc

USD 590

Note! Important information!

In case of the bank's refusal to open the account:

1) due to the fault of our officer, 100% of the cost of account opening services shall be refunded to a client;

2) due to other reason, e.g. if the bank found information about the client in the Internet, which appears suspicious to the bank, or if the bank ceased to open accounts for companies with the given activity or with partners from certain countries etc., 50% of the cost of account opening services shall be refunded to a client;

3) due to the client's fault to submit necessary information/documents to the bank, or if the client provided the bank with a false information etc., services of the company shall be deemed rendered in full, and the cost of account opening services shall not be refunded.

1 Information as of March 2015.

2 Only short list of rates is given in this section. The complete list may be provided upon request.