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Offer of Bank Account Opening with
Rothschild Bank (Switzerland)

Zollikerstrasse 181, 8034 Zurich, Switzerland
General Description The bank was founded over 200 years ago by the Rothschild family. The considerable success of five Rothschild brothers, founders of the bank, has been achieved because of their closely interconnected businesses. Having started out with very modest positions, those five brothers founded bank houses in Frankfurt, London, Paris, Vienna, and Naples.

They have gained recognition as the most important and successful bankers in the world. The bank is focused on the management of solvent clients' funds - the Bank's principle lies in the organization of a high-quality service.

The main shareholders in the bank are the Rothschild family, while 25% of the shares are listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange and are freely traded through it.

Credit Ratings
S&P: A-
Methods of Account Management
Internet-Bank (for review only) and telephone
Types of Accounts
Currencies of Account
Minimum Average Monthly Balance and Other Bank Requirements for its Clients
USD 2 000 000 (the terms of a security deposit can be considered with a client separately). The initial contribution will be USD 2 000 000.
To be discussed with a personal account manager
Language of Communication
Language of Communication English, Russian, German, and French
Plastic Cards
Investment Programs
The bank is ready to offer a wide range of investment programs.
Brief Description of Account Opening Procedure
A meeting with the bank's representative, who visits Moscow once every three months, is necessary to open an account.

Filling in the forms necessary to open an account and the signing of such forms, together with all other formalities required to open an account, shall be carried out in our company office with the support of the bank's representative and our specialists.

A client can also visit the country of the bank's office seat at his discretion.

The following information and documents are necessary to open an account:

- original constituent documents of the company (when opening a corporate account);

- originals and copies of documents of identification confirming the account holder's residential address;

- client's business description (in free format);

- it is obligatory to provide details of the address at which business is actually conducted;

- CV of the company beneficiary (for corporate clients) in free format;

- certificate confirming the presence of a bank account of a beneficiary and/or holder of an account in another foreign or Russian bank.

Period of Account Opening (approximately)
4-6 weeks from the date of the bank's receipt of all the stated documents and information
Fees for account opening assistance USD 950