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Corporate Law and M&A

The corporate practice of our law firm ensures legal support for shareholders and top management with respect to all matters related to ownership and management of companies, compliance with corporate procedures, mergers and acquisition, and judicial protection of rights.

Legal advice for shareholders and top management

  • Legal advice in the sphere of corporate management and business control.
  • Advice on bringing responsibility related to ownership and management of the company.

Joint ventures (business partnerships). Investment projects and transactions

  • Creation of joint ventures and special purpose vehicles.
  • Legal advice on setting up a joint venture and establishing corporate management procedures for joint ventures.
  • Development of constituents and other documents that regulate the activity of the company and governing bodies.
  • Development of documents for investment projects (investment agreements, options, agreements for interim measures, etc.).

Corporate contracts and shareholders’ agreements

  • Development of corporate agreements between shareholders, top management, etc.
  • Development of investment treaties

Mergers and acquisitions

  • Participation in negotiations. Preparation of preliminary documentation (memorandum of understanding, terms sheets, etc.).
  • Structuring of a transactions on acquisition or sales of businesses, shares or stakes.
  • Legal Due Diligence of companies as an object of acquisition or their certain assets.
  • Drafting and analysis of basic transaction documents (business purchase and sale agreements, shareholders agreements, etc.).
  • Options and security transactions: pledges, sureties, guarantees, escrow agreements, etc.
  • Matters related to the antitrust legislation, support in obtaining necessary consents from the antitrust authority.
  • Support during transaction performance and closure.

Legal Due Diligence of counterparties

Corporate reorganization and group restructuring

  • Legal compliance of the actual corporate structure.
  • Development of a new corporate structure and optimization of the corporate management system.

Corporate security and corporate disputes

  • Protection of the rights of shareholders, top management, and other persons in corporate disputes.
  • Support in corporate disputes between shareholders, disputes arising out of breaches of contracts, M&A transactions, etc.


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Vladimir Danilevsky 

Head of the Russian Law Group

Areas of practice: corporate law and M&A, commercial law and contracts, antitrust regulation, corporate and commercial disputes, corporate business support.

Work experience in this area: from the year of 2000.

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