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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property practice of our firm provides efficient protection of intangible assets (including registration of IP rights, representation of clients in the Chamber for Patent disputes, Rospatent and in Russian courts).

Legal consultations:

Consultation on the issues of protection, registration and transfer of IP rights.

IP rights registration:

  • trademark and other intellectual property objects registration;
  • due diligence of intellectual property objects.

Dispute resolution in the sphere of intellectual property rights:

  • pre-trial activity;
  • Interest defense in the Chamber for Patent disputes and Russian courts.

Our services regarding IP transactions include support of transactions on gaining, alienating and transferring of IP rights as well as drafting of various agreements (trademark license agreements (custom work contract), franchising agreements, etc.).


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Vladimir Danilevsky 

Head of the Russian Law Group

Areas of practice: corporate law and M&A, commercial law and contracts, antitrust regulation, corporate and commercial disputes, corporate business support.

Work experience in this area: from the year of 2000.

Tel. +7 (495) 787-71-17