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Labour & Employment (Employment Law)

The Amond & Smith Ltd Employment law practice team offers consultations for clients on key issues regarding Russian employment law application and provides judicial protection when labour disputes arise.

Legal consultations:

Consultation on the issues of Russian employment law application (employment process, dismissal, disciplinary penalties, recovery of financial damage, etc.).

Labour Disputes:

  • interests defense of employers and employees during litigation processes;
  • legal support of top managers;
  • representing clients when they deal with labour inspection and prosecution authorities

Employment documentation:

  • drafting of labour contracts and internal acts of the employing company commercial secret regulations, internal labour policy rules and etc.;
  • audit of labour documents.


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Vladimir Danilevsky 

Head of the Russian Law Group

Areas of practice: corporate law and M&A, commercial law and contracts, antitrust regulation, corporate and commercial disputes, corporate business support.

Work experience in this area: from the year of 2000.

Tel. +7 (495) 787-71-17